Monday, April 14, 2008


I have decided I need a new purse. My current purse was a felted one . Kinda hot and itchy for summer. I have been saving the old, worn out jeans in our household for a while, thinking that I could make something out of them. Then I saw somewhere on the internet, a purse knit out of strips of denim cut out of jeans. Unfortunately, I think it was on Magknits, which has been taken down, so I can't show you my inspiration.

At any rate, I have started cutting up the jeans into long strips. I plan on cutting a small slit in either end of each strip and looping the "yarn" together. I suspect this is going to be a project where the preparation takes forever. So far, I have found that I can only cut up one half of a leg of jeans before my hands start protesting. If I ignore my hand, my still healing tennis elbow soon joins the chorus. So, I guess I will be doing a little bit at a time. Slow but steady. Tortoise, not hare. Yadda yadda......