Monday, April 28, 2008

Branching Out

I haven't been blogging lately as I was getting ready for a weekend girl-getaway. I went to visit a girlfriend I haven't seen in person for a few years. Very exciting stuff. Hold on to your knickers, folks.

My friend? She owns a bead store. That's right. Owns. A. Bead. Store. I've never beaded before in my life. I was a beading virgin. I have busted my cherry. I found the store to be an overwhelming kaleidescope of colours and textures. I now have knitting colour combos floating around in my head from visiting a bead store. I hope that isn't blasphemous.

Before I show you my virgin works of art, I want to add a disclaimer that the pictures aren't great as the lighting in my house currrently is crappy. Due to the fact that outside my house looks like this:

Enough excuses. First up is a bracelet.
Basically, it's four strands of wire twisted around each other with beads randomly looped on. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. The second project was an illusion necklace.

I told you it was exciting stuff. I hope y'all managed to contain yourselves.

I did do a little knitting on the weekend. But I don't feel like taking more crappy pictures. Maybe tomorrow.