Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I'm Knitting! I'm Knitting!

Really. I AM knitting. I cast on the grey hubby socks. This time it is going much better. I would have pics to show you today, but I ran out of daylight. I'll try to do better tomorrow.

I am amazed at the amount of cardboard my household generates. Mostly because I absolutely detest bundling it up. Even if I was bad (gasp) and just threw it out instead of recycling, I'd have to break the boxes down. Which is the part I hate. The hubby helps, and it is still a job I can't stand. I really wish that I didn't have to save it up for 2 weeks before I get rid of it. In Europe they have bins periodically along the street where you put your recycling. Personally, I like that better.

After the ant invasion of 2006, I am antsy (hee!) about storing food related recycling anywhere near my house. Which means that alot gets thrown out that could be recycled. If I could just bring it to a handy-dandy receptacle, I would be more inclined to recycle it. As it stands now, I have to store the garbage recycling for 2 weeks somewhere. (they pick up cardboard and paper one week, tin cans & plastics the next) I have no garage. The local bylaws won't let me put it out front as it is "unsightly" and putting it in the back leads to it being thrown out since it is too far away to be convenient.

I want to save the earth, but really, there should be an easier way. Or options at least.