Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Red sock number 2 is coming along. This time I did some decreases along the back to accomodate the hubster's delicate little paw.
And I have zoomed on down and turned the heel:

Now for the decreases in the foot...

In other decreasing news,

To whit...Tabata-ing. Still aiming for 3 times a week. Did another set of squats yesterday, BUT then I pedaled at a leisurely pace on my stationary bike for 10 minutes. Keeping the blood flowing has minimized the day-after stiffness, it seems. Yay! I am also trying to decrease the amount of junk in my diet. You know, no junk food etc. It is hard. At the moment, my craving is for Pepsi.

I read an article in a magazine somewhere where the author did everything she could to be healthy. Exercised an hour every day, ate low fat, low sodium, non-processed food. Didn't use hairspray because the fumes might be bad for the lungs. Applied sunscreen religiously. Made sure she got enough calcium, folate etc. Everything.

I thought I might try something similar, but not quite so extreme. Hence, exercise and no junk food. And for 3 weeks. supposedly it takes 3 weeks to set up a habit. So I am going to try for 3 weeks. And at the end, re-evaluate.