Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Does This Count?

We all want to avoid the dreaded SSS. Second Sock Syndrome is a deadly disease. I have been doing my best to prevent the disease. This is as far as I have gotten on Mansock two:

That's right I have....a ball of yarn! Stabbed with dpns. And topped with a little skein. Which is the yarn that I have pulled from the center of my center-pull ball as I cast on. Twice. Tinked back once. And ripped out three times. Apparently, I can't count to 2. Which is a little dismaying, as I spend my days at work counting. In multiples of 5 usually. But still....a person with a university degree should be able to count to 2. Hell, a a little child could probably do this. Yet I can't.

Does this mean I have SSS? Is this why I am having problems with it?

Is Prosecco a cure? Lets hope so. Since it is an easily administrable medication.