Thursday, April 03, 2008

Feminist Rant

So, I am filling in at a pharmacy in town a few days ago. Both of hte regular pharmacists are men at this location. Anyway..the phone rings and it's one of those old should-be-retired doctors. He asked for the pharmacist, I said,"speaking" and this is the rest of the conversation:

dr:Oh, you're a girl.
me:yup. I'm filling in today.
dr: wow, they let you gals do anything nowadays, eh?
me: (thinking, what a reactionary old coot he was) yup, and if you old guys would just retire, the new ones could move up in the world.

I know this guy of old, and he was just trying to be funny or get a rise out of me. He does this to every female pharmacist, that I know of. Jerk.

Granted, I tell him off in my own sweet way, but really, why can't he just call in the prescription and stop wasting my time?

And I will note that he has never called us "ladies" it's always gals or girls. Which happens to be a pet peeve. No-one says boys in the same sense. For men, to be referred to as a boy, means you are being silly. Boys will be boys...etc. For women, girls is just another form of address. A condescending one at that. Argh....