Saturday, June 02, 2007

Still Playing with String

I am still playing with string around here. In the bits of time I have while working a 49 hour week. Makes for slow process. See:

Okay, that's not knitting, but it IS playing with string! The cross-bar on the chair kept coming loose. So I glued it back together. But then you have to clamp it tight while it dries. I don't have a clamp, since I am not a carpenter. But I AM a knitter and I have lots and lots and lots and lots of string. So I used an old trick I heard about somewhere. You wind the string around the legs and through the middle. then you take a pencil or some kind of rigid object and wind it through the "X", then you twist it tight and it pulls the legs together. Thus holding the legs tight until the glue dries. Hopefully this works. I'll know tomorrow. When I sit on the chair. If it doesn't collapse under me, it will have worked. If my next post is from the emergency room at the hospital, you'll know it didn't work....

As for the other kind of playing with string, I have been doing that too. In between obsessively checking my Facebook page.

Remember that swatch the other day? It has turned into this:

I'm almost done the knitting part of it and then the finishing will begin. You'll be able to tell what it is at that point. Or maybe you can tell now, whatever. Better pics will follow once the finishing has begun. At which point we will be able to see if I have made a usable object or not.

Stay tuned for the continuing stooorreeeeyyyy....