Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Floppy, Floppy.

The hat is dry. Dry, but floppy. It really needs something to stiffen the brim! I tried to take a picture of the hat on me, but it's dark, the pic without the flash is a black hole and the one with a flash, well, lets just say that taking a picture of yourself in a mirror with a flash leads to less than stellar results!

So, the first shot is me dangling the hat:

The second shot is the hat draped artfully over an Easter basket handle:As you can see, droopy!

Ah well, I know what I am doing this weekend! Hat-brim-stiffener shopping. Exciting, I know. I hope you can all contain yourselves!

I cast on for a new project. However, it is in black yarn and taking a picture of that with flash photography results in crappy pictures. With extra crappy sprinkled on top. So you will have to wait for a day when I remember to take a picture during the day. And since I am working 47 hours this week in 5 days, well, that might take a day or 2. Patience, dahlings.