Tuesday, June 05, 2007

An Effed O! Well...Mostly Effed.

For the 2 of you who have been anxiously waiting and wondering what my swatch from the other day was, the suspense is over!
It's a sunhat! The pattern can be found here. However, the pattern calls for DK weight yarn. I had dishcloth cotton. Hence the swatch. I am not sure if this hat is going to be too warm as a sunhat. Being as how it is a heavier cotton. If it is, then I guess the local cancer center has itself a new hat for a fashionable patient!
The next challenge in completing this hat will be to find something to stiffen the brim. Apparently, millinery wire is hard to come by in my smallish town. So, as per the pattern suggests, I will be going out in search of coated clothesline. If that is not rigid enough, then I may go for some crafting wire. I just don't want wire ends poking into my hand when I pick up the hat. I will have to experiment with whatever I wind up finding...
I did learn how to do a tubular bind off with this pattern. 378 stitches worth. The bind off is now engraved on my brain. Until something else comes along and wipes my brain clean......
I'm off to cast on the next project.