Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Mama E of CyberFiber dyed a colourway to help Amy raise money for the Run for the Cure fundraiser for breast cancer. I would have bought this colourway regardless of the fundraiser, though. It's just delectable.

870 yards (2x435) of soft, squooshy, beautiful pink! I couldn't even bear to lay it on the grass for it's photoshoot. What if some VM stuck to it?! I know it's a little ridiculous since it IS yarn after all. And yarn comes from sheep. Which means that VM is the least of what might get on the wool. But it's so nice now! Yeah. So this is destined to be a lace shawl of some sort. I guess stole would be more accurate. I want it to be rectangular. I'm debating the Morning Glory Wrap. Although, technically it calls for DK weight yarn. And this gorgeous pink stuff is fingering weight sock yarn. So the wrap would be a bit more open. Or perhaps the Fir Cone Wrap from Wendy. Or do one of you have any other favourite lacey or lace-like wrap patterns out there?

The knitting of Coachella continues. I decided to rip back past the bust shaping and re-knit it instead of a complete frogging. I tried it on last night and it seems better. I'll know better once I've knit it up a bit further so I can tell how it'll hang on me.

Edit: I've joined a Coachella Knitalong! Join the fun!