Sunday, June 24, 2007

Hmmm, Not So Sure About This....

I started Coachella from Knitty on thursday. It's a pretty quick knit. which is a good thing. Since it looks like I'll be frogging attempt number 1. At first, I thought it looked pretty good. (you'll have to pardon the weird lighting. It was night and the flash did weird things to the colour and shadows so the drape of it was hard to see)
But then I looked a little closer at it, and it seems to drape a little funny.
And the side view?

Hmmm, a little generous in the boobages, I think. This was a size small (ie 36 inch bust) with one bust shaping repeat done. For the record I am a 36C, usually. Occasionally a 36B, depending on the fit. Clearly here, I don't need the bust shaping, and I'm thinking to go down a size as well.

I did sub the yarn. There is no Berocco suede to be had in my town. I even looked on line and no retailers in my town carry Berocco! I would have to drive approx 50minutes to the nearest town that has a retailer. So I went stash diving and found some Mission Falls cotton. Swatched it up. Seemed to work.

Clearly, it does work. But it knits up a little different than the Berocco would have. Not very surprising.

I must say I really like the top, though. So tomorrow there will be frogging and re-knitting. The next size down. Apparently I am skinnier than I think I am. Hmm, that's not a bad thing, I think.