Monday, June 11, 2007

And the Streak Continues

A friend held a scavenger photo hunt on Facebook this weekend. The idea was to photograph as inventively as possible, the subjects on the list. Apparently, I won! (Must not have been any other entrants :) Being that it was World Wide Knit in Public day on Saturday, I tried to involve knitting in my photo shoot. so, here are some selections from my entry:

Socks and sandals:

The blue sandal is me and the black sandal is Anne.

Then there was "something soft and round" on the list. That was easy!

A ball of yarn. Duh.

Then there was "Recipe for Disaster" in which we were pretty much allowed free rein. Hence:

Since all us knitters know what happens when you let a cat free in a room full of yarn!

Another topic was "Dirty Qtip". My cat Pagan wandered into the room while I was trying to think up something creative and started licking it! The dirrrrty beast:

Although it WAS quite funny!
No idea what the "prize" is. Probably a dirty Qtip...