Thursday, February 01, 2007

What if YOUR paycheque was 3 months late?????

Right, first off,the knitting news. I'm gonna try and knit a Calorimetry in Paton's SWS colour 70530 Natural Geranium. If the problem is that my hair is too dark and the Calorimetry was too dark, this should fix it. If I still don't like it, then it's the style of the knit. So there. More news on that when complete.

Now a non-knit rant. November 8th I worked a 12 hour shift at a large chain store here in my locale. I still have not been paid. I called over a month ago. "We can't find your vendor number" I was told. So I looked it up and gave it to them. Now, they just don't know why it hasn't been paid. I will be paid this week according to them. Which means the cheque should get here by next week. It's a good thing I keep a "cushion" in my bank account in case of just such an emergency. If it was one of their paycheques lost, would they be patient? I can tell you, that company is not going to be having me work in their store any time soon! Which is a shame because it is a nice store with good staff. It's the bozos at head-office that are mentally challenged. How can they expect to retain professional help when they act in a profoundly unprofessional way?