Sunday, February 04, 2007


Apparently, colour really does affect style. I am much happier with my new Calorimetry.

It doesn't feel babushka-like. I didn't bother with a button. Since it stretches, I just sewed the ends together and it fits fine! I'm not sure I like the Paton's SWS though. I found it a bit splitty. And it clearly felts really well, because there were a couple of spots in the ball where 2 strands had lightly felted together! I just yanked them apart and it was fine, but still...

I even wore it for the first time today to shovel the driveway clear of all the snow that we got yesterday and it was nice. As an additional plus, I can wear it over my ears to keep them warm, and it doesn't set off a feedback loop with my hearing aids! That is a real problem with more usual ear-warmers. So I'm debating making a slightly more narrow one out of cotton to use as a headband to keep the hair out of my face. Most hairbands are designed to fall just behind your ears. Not a good spot when you wear a behind-the-ear hearing aid. At best, you get a rubbing sound as the hairband rubs against the microphone. at worst you get a squealing feedback sound. Most unpleasant.

Above, the view from my window yesterday, titled "Gratuitous Snow Picture"