Saturday, February 03, 2007

Truth or Stretch?

Knitting content at the end. Skip the rant if you want to.

We have all heard about the Global Warming report released by the UN yesterday. I read the thing and it is rather information free. Not that I think global warming would be a good thing. (although I do live in Canada, so...) And not that I don't think that less reliance on fossil fuels would be a good thing. It would. But the report goes on about the physical characteristics of greenhouse gasses, touches VERY briefly on global temperatures for the past 1300 years, mentions how the world was warmer 125,000 years ago before the first ice age and then proceeds to talk about temperatures in the last 50 years. Ummm, on the scale that we are tallking about, 50 years is about 1 millisecond. Based on the "proof" they provided, I would be doubtful. Basically they said, "We are the scientists. We are the smart ones. Trust us".

Frankly, I would feel better if they at least pointed us at the studies they reviewed.

I have also found quite a few articles talking about how, on the global scale, the world is not particularly warmer than it could reach on its own. So the facts are not as clear cut as they would have you believe.

So lets all use less gas, for whatever reason, but lets not allow the media to stampede us all blindly in any direct either.

On to the knitting! I have finished one knee high.

I wanted to see how far one ball of sock yarn would take me. There is your answer. Sock number 2 is on the needles. My Raspy continues, but it is miles of stockinette. Dark stockinette. Not very interesting to look at. So I won't bore you.

I have fixed the crochet pattern for Salome that I buggered up and will attempt the next time I want a challenge.