Thursday, February 08, 2007

Adding Clickable Buttons to New Blogger

Okay folks, I'm sure many of you have been as perplexed as I have been trying to add clickable buttons to your new Blogger. It's particularly frustrating if you had them on the old one! So, this website gives a pretty good explanation. (Scroll down the page) At least, I managed it, and if I can do it......

For those of you who just want the short-cut, what you do is use the add a page element and click the HTML/Javascript button.

Replacing the "url of homepage" with the url you want the button to take you to and the "picture url" of whatever picture you want. I tried to type this in so you could copy and paste, but Blogger refuses to co-operate!

You can then drag the picture around on your layout screen.

Happy buttoning!