Saturday, February 10, 2007

New Beginning

I decided to rip out the sock and start over. The toe was icky (which would bother me to no end) and there were a couple of places in the lace that I felt I could do better on. So the frog pond was visited. I have started over today. So far:

Sorry for the blur on this. Taking a decent picture of a little tiny toe cap was beyond my admittedly meager photographic skills. Nonetheless, I am much happier with the toe. Whatever mistake I made on the first go around with it was not repeated.

Hmmm, my stitch marker matches the yarn this time. Maybe that was the problem last time. My stitch marker didn't match the yarn, yeah, that was the problem. Right. Lets blame the stitch marker!

The funny looking white thread is actually dental floss. I put a life-line in just to be on the safe side....Although I'm not loving the dental floss as a life-line. Any ideas for a better system?