Friday, February 09, 2007

Lace Sock

I have been working on my test knitting project. Mezzodiva has asked me to test this pattern out for her. It is by far the most complicated lace pattern I have ever tried! And I'm doing it with sock yarn. Somebody get the rubber room ready.... I'm liking the pattern. I'm not liking the way my toe turned out. So I am debating ripping it out and re-doing it so the toe is nice.

I'm not sure what happened, since I have done this type of toe before and got a smooth curve. Clearly I messed something up. Sigh. Fortunately I am only 1 & 1/2 repeats into it.

Apparently that is just the way my day is going. I won't get into the details, but trust me today sucked. To show you the level of suckdom, I will give you an example. I went to the grocery store and the sensor that is supposd to open the door didn't work. I stepped back and moved back and forth and it STILL didn't open. I had to put my hands on the (very) cold glass and push them open! After I got it 6 inches or so, the door realized that there was someone in front of it and opened. Le sigh. That is the printable portion of my suck-ass day.

I'm off to have dinner now. And then, I suspect, swimming in the frog pond after that.