Saturday, August 12, 2006

How fast do YOU knit?

Right-o! I was surfing the net while hubby watched the "Dukes of Hazzard" movie on tv. And I came across an unreal knitting project. I cannot believe that someone actually thought of this! They would really have to be ambitious knitters. What is this incredibly ambitious project you ask? Check this out! Of course, if knitting giant car cozies isn't your thing, you could try this! Although I think you need a special license to operate an excavator..... Or, for those of us who enjoy working with outre materiel, here is a cool project.... I cannot imagine how sore my fingers would be after knitting a lead teddy bear. Hmm, perhaps a teddy made out of something less...painful could be considered. As a display piece. That would have to be dusted....Okay, maybe not such a hot idea for slacker chick extraordinaire. (my husband's pet name for me)

However, if your idea of art leans more to pictures, there is this neat idea.

For the traditional knitter, there is some very cool knitted art over here.

And for the interactive art knitter, you could go to Italy and interact with a giant pink bunny!

In my spare time I have been interacting with socks!
One down, half of a cuff done! I shall continue to slog on. I hope to have this done by the end of next week. We shall see.....

However, Pagan says it's naptime. Night night!