Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Too hot to handle

Ooooh baby is it hot today! At 7:30 am it was 26 degrees! (Celcius) I was dripping sweat just sitting at the table eating breakfast.
The kitties also think it's too hot. they are spending their time just lying in front of fans, doorways, windows etc...

Here Pagan is lying in the breeze from the screen door AND on the glass top of the coffee table. I suppos the glass is marginally cooler than the floor. I don't usually let her lie there, but it was so hot I didn't have the inclination to get up and shoo her away. Besides, I'm not the one with the fur coat, so I felt sorry for her!

No knitting to report on today. Too damn hot! I have been quietly reading in the 1 air-conditioned room I have. That is my concession to the heat. I refuse to do the whole house. I only get a very short summer up here in Canada, and I want to feel every sweltering, sticky minute of it!