Saturday, August 19, 2006

We are knitting

Knitting is occurring around here. Unfortunately, it's secret pal knitting! So I can't show you until it's done and sent off to the secret pal!

But I don't want to leave you jonesing. So here is a picture of Micha enjoying some stashbuster knitting!

This blanket was knit holding 2 strands of whatever was in my stash at the time. I knit it until I couldn't stand it any longer, then I crocheted around the edges until I ran out of yarn! Want a better pic of the whole thing? Okey dokey, here goes:

Not the best pic I have ever taken, but hey, whatcha expectin? That's Pagan exploring in the top right corner if you are wondering. Originally this blanket was supposed to be my emergency car blanket. Since I live in Canada, and winter often hits -30 Celcius, if your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere (and there is lots of nowhere around here!) you may have to wait awhile for help to arrive. Hence an emergency blanket. Keeps you warm while waiting. When I started this I figured I didn't care if it was ugly, after all it'll still keep me warm, I reasoned. However, once completed, it has it's own strange charm. Although hubby still calls it the "ugly blankie"!

Whatever he wants to call this blanket, it is now actually "Micha's Blanket". She adopted it as her bed right after I finished it, and I haven't the heart to take it away and put it in the car. So the car has normal (boring) store bought emergency supplies.

I am also working on some felting, but the one item isn't done yet, it needs at least one more trip through the washer, and i'm gonna have to frog the purse I started on. I don't like the dimensions it is knitting up to (yes, yes, I know felting changes them) so that project is going to the pond and getting a re-spec. I'll take pictures as it all progresses and you can see them all at once. If I'm in a generous mood. Ok, that's probably harsh, but it will likely be a day or 2 anyways!