Monday, August 07, 2006


Nope. No knitting today. Just some random brain farts...

Note to self: The dryer works better when you turn it on! Yup, yours truly went downstairs to unload the dryer and thought it was weird that the clothes were still wet! naturally, my first thought was that the dryer broke! so I tried turning it on. And it worked fine. So , apparently, my mind had gone a-wandering!

In other none knitting realted stuff: I was watching the "Top 20 "music videos the other day. It was rather funny. there was the "Buttons" song by the Pussycat dolls. There was "Promiscuous" by Nelly Furtado. There was "Unfaithful" by Rihanna. There was "Ain't no other man" by Christina Aguilera. Do you see a theme here? Don't get me wrong, I like PCD and Christina Aguilera. I own Rihanna's first album. But the sexy theme is definitely there. And it's all female artists that do the overtly sexual thing. Is this what women's lib has brought us to? We are free to show our sexuality, but ONLY our sexuality. Not our sensualness? There IS a difference! Seems like it is still a man's world. They like sexy. Sensuality is not on the menu yet.

In world news...I know that this newspaper is considered a bit of a ragsheet, so take this article with a grain (or cupful) of salt. but it definitely is something that makes you go Hmmmmm...

I'm going to make like an outdated person and bemoan the lack of manners in today's culture. I just read a newspaper article wher a lady was fired by text message! the defense was that she was hard to get ahold of and they wanted to "spare her the embarrassment of coming to work and being sent right back home" Yeah, right. They wanted to spare themselves the unpleasantness of firing someone face to face. Even over the phone would have been better. Send a text message that says "call before you come to work". Just because something makes you uncomfortable does not mean you can avoid it. Especially if you are a boss. Lots of things that bosses have to do can make you uncomfotable. Refusing to deal with it is not an option. And that's what this text message is. Ducking your responsibilities! Fuddy duddy rant now over.