Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Work...of both kinds

I am working my butt off. Both employment work and knitting work. My freelancing work has picked up amazingly well. I let a couple of people know I was working free-lance, thinking I'd ease into it. Ha! That'll teach me. Pharmacists gossip worse than old women sometimes.(Hmmm, that may not be politically correct. Apologies to any and all "old women") At least when it comes to finding someone to fill in for them, they do! Not a bad thing, but my work calender filled up in 2 days. I am pretty much booked solid till the end of October! Yippee! No mac & cheese dinners. (well, unless I want them of course)

I have also been knitting. Or frogging in 1 case. This got frogged:
And re-knit into this:

Yes, it's the same yarn. Just my freaky camera playing with the colours. I didn't like the dimensions on the first knit, so I re-did it and am much happier with it. This is the "run about bag" I will be knitting the inside bag out of grey yarn. I hate rooting around in a dark purse for something. And making the interior of the bag a bit lighter will help with that, I hope.

I also knit up something out of the "One Skein" book.

This is the pre-felting picture. The pattern called it a "small bowl". Post felting once:
I wasn't really happy with it, so I felted it again and then blocked it:

It's still a bit tall for my taste, but it does look really cool. Maybe I'll put it in the "long range planning" department. In other words, who can I foist it off onto at Christmas? I am knitting up another project out of the same book, the fingerless gloves. I think these are going to be a Christmas present too. We'll see how they turn out. There's not enough of them to show you anything yet, so you will have to hold your horses on this one. Patience is a virtue, remember that!