Thursday, August 17, 2006

Consumer alert and some fun stuff

Since I am currently free-lancing, I needed some computer software to keep track of invoices owed, paid etc. I bought Corel Wordperfect X3 Home edition. Turns out this product is an add-on product. You have to have a previous version for this to work! It doesn't say anywhere on the box that it is an add-on. I returned it to the store, where it was a huge hassle, because, of course, I had to open the product and try to install it before I could find out that it was an add-on! I was politely persistant and finally the manager got involved and took the product to the back room where he presumably tried to install it in one of their computers, and discovered I wasn't a liar. Sigh. However, they DID give me my money back, so Staples gets a big thumbs up. Corel gets the thumbs down. For those of you that need an office system for your computer, check out "Open Office". It's a free download that does pretty much everything that a normal office program does, as far as I can tell.

On to the fun stuff.....

My first toasted tomato samdwich of the year.

I only eat these at this time of year, when I can pick the tomato off of my plant and eat it still warm from the sun. Yum!

I also picked up some reading material. At the grocery store, no less! I was surprised they had something like this. Maybe I shouldn't be, knitting is definitely more popular now than it was years ago.

Micha seems to think it is interesting too. Could she be the world's first reading kitty? Naw, she likes the yarn. Definitely a yarn-a-holic. The magazine is just an interesting side-bar to yarn.

Speaking of which, I got some beautiful recycled sari silk yarn in the mail today.

I'm not sure what to make with it. I think a scarf, since it is only the one skein. But what a lovely skein. It has that exotic silk smell to it too! Wonderful. Feed all the senses. That's the ticket.

Hmm, I see a theme here. Tomato sandwich for the sense of taste, yarn for touch, sight AND smell. Nothing for hearing, though. I'll have to work on it. It would be a challenge anyway, being as I am bionic woman! ( I wear hearing aids for any of you who didn't know)

And now I am off to my LYS for a knitting session.