Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Self Portrait of Progress

In other words, trying to take a progress picture of my leaf tank by myself....One advantage to this type of construction is that I can try it on during the making of it without even having to take it off the needles. I wanted to see how it fits, as some of the comments I have seen on Ravelry suggest that the fit on this is small. So I went up to a 40" size as opposed to the 37" I would have made otherwise. So far, this seems like a good idea.

I took some pics, so you could see what I have managed so far. Taking pictures of black yarn is quite difficult.

Attempt number 1:
That black shadow around my hips is the knitting. Yeah. Right.
Attempt 2 was a bit better. At least, you can see where the knitting is and how the fit is:

I also attempted to get a picture of the join. Attempt number....umm, umpity billion:

AND number umpity billion plus one:Not the most professional of pictures, but I hope you can kind of see how it is going.

I think the fit is good so far and I am rather pleased with how nice the join is. I was afraid I would get puckering. So far, no puckering. Hopefully, as the top gets longer, the weight of it will pull out any puckering it may be inclined to do.