Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Random Wednesday

Any one else tired of the freaking snow? But I digress....

Today the hubby made dinner. By made, I mean he pulled the frozen hamburgers out of the freezer and put the oil on for the fries. Then he cooked the bacon for the hamburgers. Naturally the bacon took a lot less time than the burgers and oil.

So he wrapped up the bacon in a papertowel to drain while the oil heated up.

Except that he had turned the wrong burner on the stove on and was heating nothing. Which he realized just before putting the fries in. He swore and turned on the correct burner.

While all this was going on, I saw Raven run by with something in his mouth. Since it didn't look like any of his usual toys AND since he seemed kind of furtive, I chased him down and took it away from him. About a third of a piece of bacon. Hubby had cooked up two pieces of bacon. The sneaky bugger jumped up on the counter and took off with 'em both! We still haven't found the other piece of bacon (as if !) OR the paper towel.....

And here is a picture I took in Arona, Italy last spring. As a sign that spring will come. Eventually. When it feels like it. In it's own sweet time.