Friday, February 08, 2008

Do the Twist! Wait....

I was knitting along on my Leaf tank top and finally got to the point where the directions say to join the body. All excited and stuff, I joined the body and knit some rows. After a few rows I stopped to admire my work and thought,"Hmmm, shouldn't the leaves be on the top edge? Ah, it's just the weird geometry of the top." And I kept knitting.

A little while later I stopped again and thought,"I think it looks funny.... nah, it's just the weird geometry".

Finally, quite a while later I looked at it and thought,"Nope, that's just wrong." I pulled out the book and compared the picture with what I actually had. Not only had I attached the wrong side, somehow I twisted it when I joined it for knitting in the round.

I frogged it and have joined it correctly this time. I hope. Pictures tomorrow when there is some daylight. Black yarn at night makes for difficult picture taking.