Friday, February 01, 2008

Darn, Darn,Darn!

A co-worker at one of my job-sites knows that I knit. She asked me if I knew how to darn socks. Her grandma (I think she said) had knit her socks many years ago and the heel has worn through. Could I fix it?

I came clean and admitted to never having darned a sock, but that I would be willing to try. I'm always up for a challenge. How hard can it be? Ummm, yeah....

The hole is on the bottom of the heel. About the size of a Twonie (for the Canadians) or a silver dollar (for the Americans) the rest of the nationalities will have to use imagination as I have no handy reference for size in other countries....

I did some googling and found a website (which I naturally forgot to bookmark) that suggested using thread to create a faux-frame to work from.

A couple of problems came up. The first was that the thread doesn't stay nice and flat and the tension on it kept loosening, which made the job harder. Then the thread snapped! Clearly, not going to work. Plan B. Use waste yarn (the red) to create a frame. That worked better. However, in my enthusiasm, I grabbed some sock yarn to do the darning with. Since the sock is knit out of what appears to be dk yarn, the sock yarn for darning is just making a mess. I'm pretty sure I have some leftover dk yarn, which may even be yellow (although not the exact yellow) leftover from a shawl I made a couple of years back. So I will have to dig to the bottom of the stash and see if memory is correct. Or if it is just playing games with me....

That will have to be a future blog post. In the meantime, I cast on for the Leaf Tank. I have what appears to be enough Debbie Bliss Stella for this. I made a swatch and got stitch gauge, but my row gauge is a bit loose. I got 18 stitches (yay!) and 24 rows (boo! I should have had 26) in 4 inches. But, the pattern doesn't really reference rows, just inches, so it should be okay. I will just knit for 4 inches or whatever, as asked. No pictures of this, though. It is black yarn and the sun has gone down. So all the pictures were singularly unprepossessing.

Not that the sun ever really came out. The day started with lots of snow, then switched to freezing rain, and now snow again. Fortunately, we went out last night to get groceries and supplies (beer and prosecco if you were wondering) so I didn't have to leave the house.

Time for dinner and wine.