Wednesday, March 05, 2008

With Actual Knitting Today.

Daylight savings time starts this weekend. Crap.

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I hate DST. The kitties get confused and think breakfast should be served at 3am or some such insane time. I'm exhausted for the whole week because I am sensitive (apparently) to the whole "spring forward" time change thing. Ugh.

Up there is a picture of the Leaf Tank. I am almost at the point of decreasing and then its strap time! Hopefully soon it will be done and wearable. I was debating shortening it a bit since the pattern claims it will stretch, but I am not knitting it out of the recommended yarn (Berocco Denim Silk) and checked with a couple of people on Ravelry who have made other projects out of the same yarn I am using and they said it doesn't grow. Probably the cotton content. So, I am going to knit it as directed. In theory it would be short. In reality, I am of small stature, so a tank top that doesn't reach my knees is a good thing. (besides, I can always make it longer if I have to...) I figure I'll put in a lifeline jsut before the decreases. If the thing appears too short after decreasing, frogging will occur and lengthening will happen. I hope not, though. time will tell.

If I survive the daylight savings time....

(and you thought I wasn't knitting anymore. silly people)