Monday, March 03, 2008


I went to talk to someone about a job today. I was offered $8/hour less than I make free-lance. When I suggested that it seemed low, I got, "oh, well, since there are no benefits with a part time job, I can probably up that a bit. I'll have to talk to my boss"

Now, the job is around 18 hours per week. Lets say that they manage to come up to $5 an hour less than I make free-lance. That's an annual loss of $4680. I once figured out my medical expenses and it is around $3500 a year. More when I have to buy hearing aids. But benefits only cover $500 of that every 4-5 years, so it's a non-issue from the salary calculations, really.

So, if I took the job, I would get less pay, no benefits. What would be the advantage of that? WHY would I take the job? I guess it would mean I have a regular paycheque. That may be relevant. Except I am turning away work as a free-lancer. So getting enough business does not seem to be an issue. Thus a regular paycheque is not an issue either. As I have one.

And what are they doing going to an interview without knowing what the pay range is, anyway. I understand they would offer the low end first, after all, I might take it and save them some $$$, but really, they should know what the upper end is too, right?

To sum up:

Pros: Regular paycheque

Cons: less money
no benefits

Should I take the job I am sure they are going to offer?