Thursday, March 06, 2008

Really? MORE?

Yup, more knitting. I am really needing a hit of colour right now, so I went into the stash and pounced on the first bright yarn I saw.

I swatched.

The label didn't say superwash and DID have the international symbol for do not put in dryer. But I wanted to make husband socks,(which means they must be machine washable/dryable) so I took that swatch, dunked it in the hottest water I could stand and tried my best to hand felt it. I dunked, I scrubbed and I shocked it in cold water. Repeatedly. Then I threw it in the dryer with a pair of wet jeans.

Both pics are post knitting-abuse. The second picture shows the colour and it's bloom after the maltreatment I gave it the best.

No felting. It's actually kinda nice. Doesn't feel rough against my throat. (my testing area of choice for scratchiness)

What is this yarn? The hated Sisu. Last time I tried to knit it on, ummm, 2.5mm needles. It was splitty as all hell. However, on 3.5mm, it knits up fine. Go figure. That's fine for hubby socks as they seem to go on forever. Although his feet aren't quite as large as some poor women's hubby's. Heh.

And we have sockage! Note the stitch marker matches the sock. After the last fiasco when my sock rebelled due to unfashionable stitch marker choice, I learned my lesson.

While I am still working on the black tank top, it is, well, black. Rather dreary.

I am ready for mud season. Otherwise known as spring. Bring it on.

And now a gratuitous kitty pic

Yes, that is/was clean laundry. Sigh.