Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tabata-ing Along

I was reading Knitfit's blog abut Tabata. It got me to thinking. I have been very remiss about working out since my tennis elbow appeared. I pretty much figured, can't do arm exercises, why do anything?

Then I saw Knitfit's post about Tabata. I did some research. I can do that. It doesn't need arms. You just pick an exercise that you can do that is a full-body type motion and do it.

I decided that, since I have a stationary bicycle, I would do the intervals on the bike. There's a timer built in and everything. Did the first workout on friday morning. That last 20 seconds becomes a very looooong 20 seconds. Amazingly, I had no soreness the next day. But it is a very intense workout, so I let myself recover for 2 days and did the bicycle thing again on monday.

Next I'm going to try the squats. I worked on the form today. No speed, no emphasis on how many. Just doing it right. As it turns out, my idea a few years ago to hire a personal trainer for a few sessions was useful. I remembered how to properly do squats without any trouble!

Tomorrow, I wil try. The only issue will be timing, but I have hopes that I can talk the hubby into calling out the intervals for me. if I stay with it, I may invest in a Tabata timer, but since I am hearing impaired and don't wear my hearing aids while working out (electronics and sweat are not a good mix!) I would need one that has a loud, low pitched buzzer, not a beeper. (I can't hear high pitches).

Hmmm, I found one that vibrates. that may be perfect....