Friday, March 14, 2008

Triple D

The damn darning is done! Remember the sock a co-worker asked me to darn for her? Waaaaaay back when? I finally did it!

Originally, the plan was to use thread as a guide over the gaping hole to help with the duplicate stitches. I tried darning the sock up with sock yarn. The thread broke. The sock yarn was too thin. Turns out the sock was made up with dk weight yarn. Which I hadn't bothered to think about. I put it away to think about it a bit. Then I thought that maybe the thread was just too thin to hold the dk yarn properly as a guide. So I replaced it with thicker string. Dishcloth cotton, actually.

Yeah, let's just say it was not a successful experiment. So I put it away to think some more.

It occurred to me that duplicate stitch is actually just knitting with a needle and thread. Why couldn't I put the last row of good stitches on a knitting needle and just knit?
So that is what I did.*
Then I duplicate stitched up the side to attach the sides and top. I duplicate stitched a couple of weak points in the foot while I was at it. After all, it's easier to fix before it turns into a hole.

Done. Yay!

And since this post has to do with feet....


*craptastic photos due to it being very late, poor lighting, and Raven. Whom you can see as a black blur in the top "flap" photo.