Monday, March 10, 2008

What to do when You are Snowed in.

We got wallopped by winter here. Since we don't have a full-time weather station in my area and the blowing snow makes it hard to be completely accurate, the guess is 31cm of snow. Two towns on either side of us got 41 & 45cm respectively. So I suspect the 31cm is on the low side. (that's approximately 12 inches) Our usual snowfall for the whole month of March is 30cm. So we got our entire dose in one go. Except there is more coming on Wednesday. Sigh.

Anyway, there was no going much of anywhere in that kind of weather. So I whomped up (yup, that's the technical term) something for the hubby's new toy.

Basically, a condom for his video game thingie. Or a sock leg for it. Whatever. It's Sugar & Cream cotton in navy from the stash. Took me an evening to put together. Cast on 36 stitches, joined in the round, knit in k2p2 rib till it looked long enough and I was getting sick of k2p2 and cast off. Whip stitch one end together. Tada!

I love the stitch definition you get from cotton:

AND it gave me an excuse to say,"see, THIS is why I have stash! To knit up unexpected required items."