Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Still Working

Still working. Not so much with the knitting. Got 2/3 fof the ribbing on the bottom of Tomato done.

Weird thing while at work today. the phone rang and the caller id just showed a number, no name. The area code was one I didn't recognize. I think it was 402? I could be wrong. 4-0 something at any rate. When I picked up the phone there was a pause (which usually means telemarketer) and a woman came on the line and asked if our address was what she had. It was. Then she asked what type of business this was. Which is odd, since the name of the business ends in"-Pharmacy". Besides, how did she get our address and not name? At that point I told her to call the boss tomorrow. I had visions of a huge order of printer toner that we didn't order showing up or something.

There are unscrupulous companies out there that call, get addresses and names and then just ship out stuff. Or send an invoice without stuff! So I wasn't going to open the business I was temping at to that problem if I could help it.

If you are reading this and are the lady on the phone AND you had honest intentions, I apologize. Otherwise, please don't call back!