Sunday, September 02, 2007

Brush with the Elements

Fire is bad. Yesterday I burned my thumb on the element on the stove. I was reaching over to push a button on the console and brushed an element that was still hot. I know they put the console on the back to keep kids from messing with them, but I would like them on the front, since I have no kids and clearly I can hurt myself! Not long after that happened, this happened:

I reached into the oven to adjust the garlic toast and set my oven mitt on fire! Apparently I brushed another element with my thumb. The scary part is that I didn't notice the mitt was on fire for a few seconds. Which is how I managed to set my tea-towel on fire too.....

I know I didn't pay much for the mitt, but really, shouldn't it be made out of fire-retardant materials? Upon closer inspection, it's just cotton!

In other news, we have neckage!

Now to do some sleevage and I will be able to stick a fork in Tomato because it will be done! I hope to finish it today. Then there will be the baptism and the ritual of drying flat. Which means that, god willing and the creek don't rise, there will be a finished object around here tomorrow! woo hoo!