Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Iz Yer Kitteh az Dumb as Mine?

No knitting around here. Still trying to figure out what the damn problem with the root canal is. Not in the mood to knit.

Besides, it's hot. Like 31C hot. Like 38C with the humidex.

And my cat

is so dumb that, if I were to have an imaginary conversation with her (what, you don't put words in your pets mouth?) it would go like this:
Pagan: Momma, it's hot. It makes me not feel good.
Me: Go upstairs. We have a cool room set up just for you.
Pagan: But it's too hot. Can I snuggle on your lap? That always makes me feel better.
End conversation
Because what you want when the heat is through the roof, is a nice, furry, overheated blanket on your lap.
We have 1 room in the house that we keep air conditioned. We have a heavy curtain up so the old cats can come and go to cool off. Micha gets it. I find her upstairs periodically sprawled out on the floor. Pagan will stay in the living room, panting, and still not go upstairs. Unless I spend all of my time up there. Then she will come for a visit and incidentally, cool off.
How dumb is your pet?