Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Lambs and stuff

Apparently, sheep are good for other things than wool! A winery in Niagara has sheep doing their pruning for them. Now I'm tempted to buy wine. It would make a good numbing agent.
Why would I want numbing? Let me show you a couple of illustrative pictures:

This is the toe about 12 hours after smacking it a good one on the bed. After a further 24 hours, we have bruising:

That's right, yesterday, while walking by my bed, as I have done umpity billion times, I kicked the leg of the bed. Quite hard, as you might imagine.

Very painful. Take-your-breath-away-can't-swear kind of painful.
There's nothing that can be done for a broken toe other than stay off it and keep it elevated. Not exactly fun. On the bright side, I can still knit! See:

I have turned the heel on the hubby's Army sock and am in the backstretch. I am still knitting on Tomato. But that is just more stockinette. Picture the last shot I showed you but longer. Not nearly as exciting as turning a heel. I always feel clever when I turn a heel.

I'm off to put my foot up and find some numbing agent...