Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Truth, the Whole Truth

I am afraid I have not been entirely truthful with my faithful readers. I did, indeed, work on Tomato after my post from the other day. For 1 whole row.

You see, I got a new book. The siren song of new words overpowered the tedious call of stockinette. Shocking to you all, I'm sure.

So I have been doing half a row or so here and there. In between reading "The Name of The Wind" by Patrick Rothfuss. At first I wasn't so sure I was going to like this book. Then, after a chapter or so, it sucked me in with the power of a black hole. Where most of my time is going. And not much comes out.....

So, today, a picture of an old knit.
A garter stitch shawl I made a while back. As you can see, it makes an excellent kitty bed, in Pagan's opinion. As does my husbands bathrobe,

Or even my pillow:Wouldn't want to actually use one of the 3 catbeds I bought and placed strategically around the house! What a waste of money that was. I should have known better.

Won't make that mistake again! So, I am off to knit on Tomato, kinda, and read some more, definitely.

Right after I enter Crafting Jen's contest. I dunno if I'd want the book. But the stitch markers would be cool.