Monday, July 23, 2007


Which is what I have been doing on Ravelry. That site is a serious time sucker! I am soooo behind on my Bloglines listings that it is not funny.

Unfortunately, my root canal got infected. That bites big time. The dentist put me on another course of antibiotics. This is the 4th round of antibiotics in 2 months. I have been taking lactobacillus acidophilus in an attempt to keep the antibiotics from messing with my system too much. Didn't work. Today I had to buy something to fix a common problem ladies have when they take antibiotics. And yesterday my stomach was sooo upset. Also because of the antibiotics.
If the pain wasn't so bad, I'd say the antibiotics were worse than the problem. They're not. But it's a close-run thing.

On the bright side, my "all-soup-diet-all-the-time" has resulted in my losing another pound. Which puts me at exactly the halfway mark. I decided a while back that I needed to lose the 12 pounds I gained at the hell job. But I refuse to do the deprive yourself kind of diet. I have been trying to eat better and get off my ass more. It's working. Slowly, but hey, I'll take it!

Entering my stash into Ravelry gave me a chance to review what I have. I decided on a few projects. One of which is the Morning Glory Wrap. I will be using the lovely Team Knitty yarn that Mama E dyed up.

I also have enough wool to make a knit coat. Now to find a pattern......