Friday, July 06, 2007

The Haul

Yesterday was my birthday and what would a birthday be without presents? Y'all already know about my ball-winder and swift, since I broke into them a bit early.....Here is a couple of the others from yesterday....

My MIL likes me and we get along well. As it happens, we pretty much have the same taste in most things. She got me this:

There is a lovely silver necklace. There's a figurine of a kitty that swings free within the heart pendant. Veeeeery cute. And then an adorable leopard print clutch purse. Totally me.

My hubby got me something (George Foreman grill) I have been wanting for a while now. Sorry, Blogger won't load the pic for some reason. I have the small grill and use it all the time! But if I am cooking chicken breasts for example, I have to crowd to get 2 on the grill at a time. So hubby bought me the next size up which looks perfect!

My sister took me out to a Greek restaurant a few days ago, while she was in town. Sorry, no pictures of that. You'll have to imagine me eating yummy souvlaki.

Yesterday the hubster took me to a yummy Mexican restaurant with great strawberry margaritaas. Where I promptly bought a large container of their salsa to bring home to nosh on. We also stopped by the farmer's market and bought freshly picked strawberries!

Which I then turned into....

Homemade strawbery daquiris! Mmmmmm....

All in all, a successful birthday!