Monday, July 09, 2007


It appears summer is finally making an appearance around here. I know many of you have been sweating your patooties off, but up here we've been wearing jackets until recently! It is currently 24C with a humidex of 31. I know many people complain about the heat. Not me. I only get around 2 months worth of heat and dammit, I want my 2 fucking months of heat! I mean, it goes down to -30C in January, so there has to be some compensation, right? Unfortunately, I tried to sit outside and within 3 minutes had swatted 3 mosquitos and I think I missed another 2.

Mosquitos I will complain about. But I have my sister test driving a new product. Alison found it. Mosquitoes think my sister is delicious . So if it works for her.....I may just invest in the company buy some for myself! And my husband, my MIL, my aunt, my cousin, his wife, their kids.......

Yup, missed at least 2. Itchy, itchy. Okay, I'm gonna go rub some hydrocortisone cream on them. Here's a funny picture to keep you occupied.

"I love the couch. The couch is my friend. I will head-butt the couch so that it knows I love it"

silly Pagan