Wednesday, July 25, 2007


In addition to nursing my sick tooth, I am working a whole lot. Summer is high season for relief staff. Today the worksite I was at was an interesting drive. I took some pictures to show ya!

And then there was this place, a bit more pastoral.

Or at least, the pictures turned out more pastoral. I have no idea what breed of sheep these are and whether they are meat or wool sheep. But it was kind of neat to see on my way to and from work today.

Knitting progress is slow. I'm up to the toe decreases on the sock for hubby. Tomato was ripped and the colourwork band has been re-started. I did a preliminary try-on of Tomato and I am really pleased. The yarn looks nice knit up, but once I put what I have of the top on, I was blown away with how nice the yarn looks. Can't wait to finish it. I also realized this morning that Tomato will fill a hole in my wardrobe! Woo hoo! I need a nice, easy top that is work appropriate. (I fixed the neckline so it won't be too low).