Saturday, October 14, 2006

Forging Onwards

In an effort to recover from my disastrous friday the 13th, I am going to show you what I am working on!

First up, the Soctoberfest sock:

Sorry about the crappy pic, it's raining and icky roday. Besides, my photo skills have never been wonderful...

Up next, the sleeve for my new cardi:

Yup, this is the one I was having trouble with last night. I, er, figured out the problem with the increases I was having. The directions read "increase 1 stitch on each side". I missed that on my first go around. However, caught it before I had to frog too much-only 4 rows, so it could have been worse! It's the cardi out of Vogue Knitting Fall '06:

You may notice I am not using the same yarn they are. (Hmmm, hard not to..) But I decided to use the yarn that was this and knit something I would actually wear!

I have no plans for today, other than sitting and knitting! Okay, maybe a little cooking, I do like to eat, on occasion!