Monday, October 30, 2006

Is it Easter?

There seems to be a theme going on around here. It is decidedly not Halloween-y, though. It appears to be more Easter-y. What makes me say that? Why, this!

I told you that I had bunnies in the backyard!

Actually, this is the bunny pattern that I cribbed the ears for my slippers from. I used some stash yarn. Cheap-o Red Heart to be exact. That way the bunny can be washed if need be. I may or may not have a very young cousin coming over at Christmas, so I figured that I would whip this up so as to be prepared. If the cousin doesn't show, I can always donate it to one of the women's shelters here in town for one of the kids that they have. They are always looking for presents around Christmas time, so this way, someone will enjoy the bunny!