Sunday, October 15, 2006

Time out

Quite a while ago I read about "sleeve island". I didn't quite get it then. I do now! I knit and knit yesterday. I'm even using a chunky weight yarn. 10 stitches to the 4 inch. And yet, I'm still on sleeve island.

I would have more to show you, but the yarn was bad and I had to put it in time-out. After a short dunk in the frog pond.

I was tooling along, getting what looked like lots of progress. I even thought I might have 2 sleeves to show you today, that's how good a progress I was making. Until I finshed the increase section. Whereupon I counted stitches and found.....31! NOT 32. Dammit. Checked my knitting. Yup. Missed an increase. Naturally, at the very beginning. Sigh. Quick dip into the frog pond. I then put the yarn into time-out, since it didn't feel like behaving. Hopefully today it will have reflected on it's naughtiness and will behave better.

Even if the yarn doesn't there is hope that I will be more patient after a night's sleep. I can wish, right....?