Thursday, October 12, 2006

FOAD Thursday

Okay, if you were an employer and the person you were interviewing took a week to get back to you about an appointment date, then cancelled due to a death in the family, the took 2 weeks to call you back, would you be impressed? I have an employer who has done this to me. THEY approachedME. Then gave me the run around. Finally got everyone together for an interview, told me "we are prepared to give you X dollars and X vacation pay etc". So i said I would mull it over for the weekend and get back to them. (the interview was on friday) I visited the store and spoke to the manager who tells me that his district manager (the one doing the run around) said he was"investigating" it. What's to investigate? Besides, during the interview he sounded definite. If it was an exploratory interview, he should have said that.

So I am seriously considering telling them to FOAD even if they offer me a job. I'm getting work without them, they can stand in line with everyone else!

Bonehead left a message on my cellphone asking me to call him back. We'll see what his excuse is.....



Just to add the capper to the's SNOWING!