Friday, October 13, 2006

Why Bother?

Why bother getting out of bed on friday the 13th? I did and the whole fucking day sucked! It started out early when I got out of bed earlier than usual in order to get to the esthetician's on time for my leg waxing. I got there and was told the esthetician was "a few minutes behind". 40 fucking minutes later I was still sitting there. I thought I would just re-book at that point. Do you think I could find the receptionist? Anyone? Nope. So I walked out and left them a message on their answering machine. They called me back all apologetic. Like it makes any goddam difference. My schedule is full for the next week. The next time I can get in is next wednesday. The irritating part is that I just bought a 3 month wax membership there, so I'm stuck for 3 months! After that, I'm outta there!

Then I got to go to the dentist for a cleaning. Both my teeth and my wallet.

Went to the grocery store where they tried to tell me that pastrami was the same as corned beef. Right. Didn't buy that. Had to re-work plans for lunch at that point. Went to the meat counter. Couldn't find a clerk. Left the counter, went to get sour cream. Dropped it on the floor and busted open the tub. Decided I'd had enough and paid for what I had My hubby decided I needed a treat, so he took me to Arby's for lunch. That actually went well. The sky did not fall or anything.

Got home and decided to start my cardigan. Got to the increasing part on the sleeves. Read ahead a bit and found that, although the instructions said to increase by 6 stitches, I was expected to have increased by 12 stitches somehow. Looked up the errata online. Nothing. Decided to feed the cats.

Found that, although I had enough for tonight, I forgot to buy more, even though it was on the damned list! So now we (read hubby) has to get to the vet's before noon on saturday to buy more. Kitty needs a special food or else she gets diarrhea. That would just be lovely wouldn't it?

So I am going to go back to the sweater and increase till I have 32 stitches, since I did the math and that makes a sleeve of the correct diameter. Screw the world. I'm going to hibernate and knit for the next 2 days.