Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Why Did I Get Up?

Lets see, I got up, had coffee, saw that it was -17C out, so I hit the remote start. when I went out the door, I saw that the car hadn't started. Thinking I hadn't started it right ro something, I hit the button again. Nothing. I tried to start it the old fashioned way. Nada. Giving up, I called a cab and went to work.

Hubby figured out it's the battery, so tomorrow we're gonna jump-start it and take it in to get the battery changed. We could just buy a battery ourselves, but then you have to deal with the disposal issue. Not something I feel like dealing with.

Figured I'd catch the bus home. Got out to the bus stop just in time to see my bus rounding the corner...heading away from me. Sigh. My second choice bus pulls up 15 minutes later. However it means a 15 minute walk at the other end too. In the -14C weather. Not fun. Got home. Can't really feel my thighs. Re-scheduled my appointments that I had on thursday. as I will be bringing the car into the shop.

Tried to up-synch the new schedule with my Palm Pilot. Nothing. Cleaned the contacts. Still nothing. Restarted computer. No love. Kept pushing the button. Wiggled the unit, checked usb connections. Still nothing.

I give up.