Monday, January 28, 2008


It transpires that my now ex-boss is spineless. Apparently the other side of the clinic is saying that "big changes" have to happen. When I asked for some specifices, since I can't just "change" I was told that they didn't know what, exactly, either! WTF??

I have no problem working with people. I have taken consturctive criticism in the past and changed things. In fact I have had a supervisor say that I take criticism very well. But I do need something to go on. As this is not the case, I am walking. They can line up with my other clients for my time. Unfortunately, now I have to live cheap until I get my clients back into the swing of things.

Pisses me off. I clear my schedule for these guys and at the last freaking minute they come up with nebulous requirements. I had one job in the past that was awful with no clear mandate. Never again!